Biseri, language and genealogical education and guidance, Silvia Josephine Žele



If you require assistance with researching your Slovenian ancestry then this is the right service for you. Your needs may be as simple as wanting to talk to someone who is living in Slovenia for advice on:

For those with digital copies of their documents it is possible to send them to me by email, or share them via Dropbox, and then discuss them by phone, Skype, Gmail Hangouts, Google Chat, as well as Facebook phone or video chat. Sometimes clients send me photocopies of family documents and photos, have me read and summarize the material, and then extract names, dates, and places to put into a family tree program.



The fee is 30.00 EUR an hour plus any expenses incurred for:

Cost per 30 minute consultation via Skype – 17.00 EUR
Cost per 60 minute consultation via Skype – 30.00 EUR

A cost limit is negotiated and agreed upon before work is started.

Increasingly, genealogy research is conducted via the internet. Space on the website is available for family trees as well as articles and queries on genealogy. Fees charged are dependent on length of material and language(s) requested.


Internal Links

Useful Resources – Click on the link to see information about some useful resources connected to Slovenian history and genealogy.
Franciscan Cadastre: Kopatschniza Kopačnica – Click to read more on Franciscan Cadastre.
Zgodovina Trbovelj, Hrastnika in Dola [The History of Trbovlje, Hrastnik and Dol] – Click to read more on Trbovelj, Hrastnik and Dol.
Status Animarum of Estates 17991886 for the parish of Leskovica – Click on the link to read more about residents of Leskovica, Davča and Kopačnica between 1799 and 1886.
Slovenian conscripts in the Illyrian Regiment who came from the Canton of Postojna (6 October 1812) – Click on the link to see a list of the candidate conscripts for the Canton of Postojna. The data is related to the French call-up of Slovenian conscripts in the Illyrian Provinces on 6 October 1812.
'Od kod si? Kako se pišeš?' by Leon Kernel – Click on the link to see information regarding the following surnames:

1. Žele (Zele)
2. Bergoč (Bergoc)
3. Abram
4. Bele, Bile
5. Knafelc
6. Šabec (Sabec)
7. Krivec
8. Bole
9. Možina (Mozina)
10. Penko
11. Smrdel, Smerdel
12. Polh
13. Zadel
14. Česnik (Cesnik, Chesnik)
15. Vadnal
16. Milharčič (Milharchich, Milharcic)
17. Bizjak (Bizyak)
18. Boštjančič (Bostjancic, Bostjanchich, Bostyanchich, Bostianchich)
19. Dolenc (Dolenz)
20. Novak
21. Vodopivec
22. Kernel
23. Kovač (Kovac, Kovach)
24. Fajdiga, Fadiga (Faydiga)
25. Fatur
26. Mezgec
27. Ižanc (Izanc)


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